Thursday, May 28, 2009


I came across the funniest website that I couldn't resist passing along.

you upload a picture of yourself and your significant other or you can choose a celebrity. If I knew how to post what my future children would look like I would. It was a huge riot and very entertaining. Dick is a quarter Lebanese and all our babies came out with towels on their heads!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Now that summer is fast approaching (I didn't think I mentioned that yet) :) I have finally gotten on the ball and ordered a couple of books from amazon. I just love can buy used books in great condition for less! I'm looking forward to reading a book or two on the beach this summer. Ahhh, I can hear the waves crashing now :)

Summer's so close...

I am so excited that school is almost out. In addition to tie dying shirts, extra recess, movie marathons and cleaning (cleaning, cleaning!!)...the awesome 4th grade teachers decided to rotate all the classes and come up with something fun to do in each of our rooms. In my room, the children made beaded bracelets and necklaces. Other teacher's rooms' included a dancing room, movie and popcorn, carnival games, coloring, painting, face painting and board games..WHEW!!!! It was exhausting!! We all agreed that next year we'd have to plan a little break and some down time spent outside!!

My sister and the kids came to town for a few days. I brought Jackson and Augusta to school with me and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of them loving every second of it.

Also-- I felt bad leaving Ellie's picture out of this post. So I also attached a picture of Ellie, Jackson, and I at my dad's house the other night. Again, not anywhere related to this post but I just wanted to include her!!! If I'm teaching by the time she's Jackson and Augusta's age, (Lord help me), then she can come to school with me one day too!

EA Active for the Wii

Can you picture me doing that? hahaha! Well believe it or not, that's what I looked like last addition to jogging in place, doing squats, lunges...oh man...this "game" is no joke. Dick and I ordered it and it's supposed to be similar to, but more intense than, Wii fit. It's like having a personal trainer in your home. I'm so sore!!

Tie Dye

Seeing as how the MCT is over and we still have another week of school, I decided to become brave and buy a tie dye kit. The kids loved it and I think it turned out great! It actually turned out to be easier than I expected because we started this on our award's day Tuesday. After Award's day, many of the children check out and therefore I only about about half the class left. It was much easier to tie dye shirts with 10 kids one day and finish the other half day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

ACE that Test!

Tomorrow (May 12th) begins MCT2 week! I cannot believe the time has come. Ready or not here we go!!!

The 4th grade teachers decided to pump up the kids and dress up. Among the many thoughts that I have late at night, being an "ace" was one of them. Here I am in the card costume with a sign saying "Ace the MCT!". The kids loved it! I kind of did too :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Anniversary

I'm beside myself!!! Our 2-year anniversary isn't until July but we are planning a trip to NYC. Dick has never been. I love it! As cheesy as it sounds, I feel so alive in the Big Apple!! There's just so much to do and see. I guess if we don't get to do it all we will just have to go again! (darn!) Ha- I haven't even gone yet and I'm already suggested we will need two trips...getting WAY ahead of myself.

We want to go to a Yankee's game, and I've requested tickets to Letterman as well as Regis & Kelly. I am dying to see a broadway show. I've been told Wicked is a good one.

Any other suggestions? Restaurants?

Moore's Greenhouse

Moore's Greenhouse in Madison off Hwy 51 has the biggest selection and best prices for flowers. I scored these and put them on both sides of my front door. It needed some sprucing. Best of all, these are low maintenance so I've managed not to kill them. ..yet..trying to have a green thumb! (I'm pretty sure having a green thumb is more about planting and maintaining a garden, not just remembering to water plants so they don't die) Taking small steps people!

Console Table

Here's a picture of the table I bought at IO Metro. It was a steal of a deal!

Rain Coat

I'm finally going to break down and buy a raincoat. I have a million umbrellas and an old, thin pancho like jacket from Gap. And I'm pretty sure I didn't even buy this one, I got it from my sister. So, when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I didn't hesistate to tell her that I would like money to buy this. Once I decide on a color, it's mine! I have pretty much decided on the pink. But I really like the blue too. Decisions, Decisions...


Walking to church.

Me: Oh no, I meant to change shoes. I'm wearing flippy floppy sandals! (flippy floppy indication the noise)

Dick: It's ok. Jesus wore sandals.

Me: Hmmm....I guess you're right.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

This past week, we had teacher appreciation. The PTO at Richland Upper did a great job of showing their appreciation for us. We had breakfast from Sonic one day, Primos cakes, McAlister's, Mazzio's and door prizes throughout the week! On Friday, we even had a 'duty free' lunch (lunch without kids and not in the cafeteria)

Some teachers weren't happy when students did not recognize this week and show their appreciation. ( I won't name names, but you know who you are!) And I understand that. It doesn't take much and honestly we (teachers) are always buying things for our children. Whether its supplies, goodie bags, does add up and let's face it, we are just teachers, not doctors! However, I also recognize that we are a Title School which means over half of our kids receive free or reduced lunch. These kids don't have a lot to give and it may be asking a lot for a gift. That being said, I had a student say to me "Mrs. Dickinson, you're my favorite teacher. Your so nice and I like school this year! I didn't like math and now I love it" What a well rounded compliment. I'm nice and I've managed to help you like school and learn something!

I'll take it! It makes all the crazy moments worth it.

Best Husband Ever!

I have to say that before I begin my story that I initially wrote the title of this post as "Best Boyfriend Ever!" whoops. You'd think I'd have the title down pat by now.

ANYWAYS, yes it's true! While I am clearly biased on this one, I think I am right! I have the best husband ever! Friday night I came home to a letter on the counter that reads:

Susan's Birthday
1. The house is clean.
2. Your plants are watered.
3. The lawn will be cut on Saturday. (and he is actually doing that one now!)
4. 'The Soup' has been recorded. (I always forget to record my fav show on Friday nights that I never manage to stay awake for)
5. The back porch is clean.
6. The bed is made.
7. Dinner will be your choice of steak, tuna, or seasame tuna with asparagus and mac and cheese
8. There is a surprise in the fridge
9. No the surprise isn't beer but there is some in there as well. (It ended up being one oversized choc cupcake with choc frosting)
10. You have to stay awake past 9 on Friday (ha ha)

How thoughtful is he? I was amazed. It was so nice to be able to just hang out and know everything was taken care of chore wise.
Dick and I are often reminded of the same concept day to relax and stop trying to worry about is to come or not come in the future..God has a plan for you...give thanks and count your blessings as they come... I am so blessed to have the most amazing husband and friend. He's the best thing in the world and I hope that my love and appreciation for him doesn't go unnoticed or unmentioned!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Night

Saturday night, we used a gift certificate from Dick's mom to Bonefish! (thanks Gail!!!) We had a date night and then relaxed outside on our patio with the dog. Lizzie loves that football.

Dick's Birthday Pics

I found my camera chord so finally I can upload pics from Dick's birthday! Enjoy!

What's on my Netflix list?

Dick and I have decided to attend the 11:05 church service today. A decision we are both regretting because we've been up since 7...I don't know why either of us thought of going to the earlier service. Anywhoo, to pass the time, I'm doing laundry, exercise TV(their AB class is great!) and now I'm adding movies to my netflix list. Does anyone netflix? I love it. The best part about it is there are no late fees. You can keep the movie as long as you want it. I rarely have time during the week to watch a movie so it's nice to have a movie waiting on me any given weekend day to watch. Here's what I've watched this weekend: Bridal Wars and High School Musical 3. Both great movies!!! I highly reccomend them. Ok, brace yourself, here's what in store for me next week: 'Who's your Caddy?' and 'Marley and Me'.

My dad is always watching the most random movies. 'Who's your Caddy?' came reccommended from my dad. I will say, I've seen part of it on TV and it's a riot. I could always use a good laugh, so I look forward to that one!! I am pretty sure the other movie(Marley and Me) will make me cry. People have already ruined the ending for me!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is such a random post but it's fitting that it's on my blog. I love ketchup. I put it on practically everything. I was amused when I found this article on ketchup. Hilarious!

Whether you enjoy ketchup with fries or -- like some Americans -- a few fries with a boatload of ketchup, there's no denying the ubiquity and popularity of the distinctive red condiment. Ketchup has been satirized, politicized (W Ketchup anyone?) and considered for reclassification as a vegetable. Many folks can't even agree how it should be spelled (catsup or catchup perhaps?).

We're guessing we're not the only ones who squirrel away unused packets of ketchup in desks and cabinets after a quick meal on the go. (Or who have aging, half-empty bottles of the stuff crammed in the back of the fridge.) And since we hate to waste things here at The Daily Green, we got to thinking about ways to creatively reuse extra ketchup -- we mean besides the obvious choices of making recession ketchup "pizza" or "spaghetti." Shudder…...

By the way, wonder what's in ketchup? Typically tomato concentrate (duh), the ubiquitous corn syrup or another sweetener, vinegar, salt, spice and herb extracts (including celery), spice and garlic powder. Some brands also include allspice, cloves, cinnamon, onion and other vegetables.

While none of us should be eating too much salt or corn syrup, it's hard to argue with the fact that the ingredients list is decidedly non-toxic, especially when you compare it to the chemical-laded conventional cleaning products and shampoos that it can replace.

So check out these great alternative uses for ketchup, which will save you money and time:

Shine your copper

Whether you have copper-bottomed cooking pans, architectural detailing, or shiny knick-knacks, forget mucking about with costly and potentially toxic metal polish pastes. Why not use some of those old ketchup packets stashed away in your kitchen drawers?

Here's a very simple recipe from Michael de Jong, TDG's Zen Cleaner and author of the Clean series of simple living books:

Massage ketchup over the copper and watch it dissolve the tarnish away (thanks to the acid). In the event that you have stubborn spots, add a pinch of table salt while you polish.

Get those auto parts gleaming

According to The Cymbal Book by Hugo Pinksterboer, some folks have seen decent results getting their cars to shine by rubbing with ketchup. The book notes that the condiment does a good job cutting tarnish, but not so well in removing dirt. Sounds like you may need a multi-step process, with some soap and water as well.

Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.

Fight Skunk Odors

If you've lived in a rural or even suburban part of North America, chances are you may have had a run-in with a skunk one night or evening. Or perhaps your dog has. Although some experts have cautioned that the technique may not actually work well (beyond a masking sensation), many people still swear by tomato juice as a way to remove potent skunk odor. Michael de Jong points out that in the event you don't have any tomato juice on hand you can try using plain ketchup instead.

Get back prettier hair from chlorine damage

According to de Jong, ketchup can also be used to correct limey-hair-highlights-gone-green, which can sometimes occur from exposure to chlorine found in swimming pools (another good reason to check out natural pools as a refreshing alternative).

How? Restore your normal hair color -- or at least the one you paid dearly for -- by applying full strength ketchup to your hair. Smoosh it in, let it linger for about 20 minutes and then wash it out thoroughly.

Soothe wounds

Unused ketchup packets pile up across America by the millions, as hurried diners and service staff often grab huge handfuls, only to end up using a few. Lisa posted over on Seacoast Online that she freezes leftover ketchup and soy sauce packets to use on her children's "small booboos and bumps." She claims, "The kids LOVE them." Apparently even the mere appearance of the packets often makes their hurts go away.

Want to make your own ketchup? Check out this link for a unique cranberry ketchup recipe, or get zillions of other ketchup ideas from Delish.
Get more green cleaning recipes from Quick and Simple.


I've been feeling a little under the weather this week. On top of that, works been hectic. Finally the weekened is here. After sleeping 12 hours last night, I decided to seize the day. Dick and I enjoyed lunch at Keifer's. After that, we had hoped to check out the crawfish festival at the Fairgrounds but the line was a mile long so we decided to skip that. After shopping at Miskelley's for a chair, I got a little side tracked and started looking at dining room sets. Thank goodness Dick was with me to keep me on track. Well, we ended up at IO Metro at Renaissance. Has anyone been there? I've heard about it but I don't ever make it out to Renaissance so it's always an after thought. I went today and we made an excellent purchase. While it wasn't a chair, we found the perfect "entry way" piece for the foyer. It was on sale too! I was pumped. I took a picture of it but I can't find my camera cord to upload pics so I'll post later. Here's a link to the store. Well that's all for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.