Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 30th is the day!

Today, I had a sweet friend treat me to lunch and pay me a visit! I was so happy to have the company and catch up with her. While we were hanging out, I got an unexpected call from the doctor's office. It was my nurse and doctor calling to tell me the new plan. Tomorrow's weekly appt was cancelled. I'll have a sonogram Thursday to monitor the baby. I will go back next Monday and Thursday for 2 more sonograms. They watch him kick me to check for muscle development, they monitor his heart, measure him (head, feet, etc), get an approximate weight and we watch his little mouth move and practice breathing on his own. Then I'm off to triage for blood pressure and weight check. The following Monday, August 30th, I'll be induced!! At that point, I'll be 38 weeks 1 day. Sounds good to me!! Dick and i are excited! When I think of everything we have been through to arrive at this moment, the birth of our son, it gets me very emotional. Words cannot describe!!! Have a great week everyone!

36 weeks and counting!

Well folks, school started back for teachers Aug 2nd. I had a great (hot) week tying up loose ends,catching up with teachers and sitting through meetings. Thursday, we had open house and I got to meet a lot of my kids and parents. The following Monday, school started for kids. I was at school all Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 11. Wednesday afternoon, I had my weekly checkup at the doctor. It was not a good day. My blood pressure was elevated again, my weight was up and I had an ongoing complaint of swelling, blurred vision and pains in my ankles and fingers joints. As a precautionary method, I was tested for preeclampsia. A condition, while only diagnosed in about 5-8 percent of patients (lovely odds huh) is basically hypertension and has all the symptoms I've been having. The blood test was negative but until the 2nd test was negative, I was put on bed rest for the remainder of the week. Friday, my nurse called and told me bed rest until Charlie arrives is the plan. I failed my 2nd test. I am to monitor my blood pressure, double my water intake and stay off my feet! I was really upset Wednesday when I got all this news but fortunately It allowed me to prepare for this possibility. Bed rest to most would probably sound like a dream..a chance to rest up before baby arrives! Yet, the beginning of the year is probably the busiest for a school teacher. But, it is what it is. I wish someone out there would tell me what I should be doing. I did have all summer to prepare for his arrival. I've had all my baby showers, his clothes are clean, his room is ready, our bags are packed...so I really can't think of what else i should be doing. Sister told me to change bed sheets and air filters..I did that too! I even added "clean the fridge" to my list and completed that. I am not big on cooking and preparing meals ahead of time to freeze. Anything I make doesn't take long. Dick and I both cook so we could share that duty. Somehow we will get fed. My sister did tell me she made chicken spaghetti for us! Maybe I just know I'm in good hands so I don't have to worry. Anyways, my checkup yesterday was great. Charlie had a great appointment. His weight is on target (meaning he is gaing the half pound a week that he needs to so I'm not depriving him of anything with this condition), his test for general well being was really good (he scored a 8 out of 8), my blood pressure was low and since I doubled my water intake, I had lost 3 pounds of that pesky water retention and I have ankles that aren't swollen and vision that isn't blurred. Bed rest is good to us both. Just taking things a day at a time. Whew! this is a novel! I suppose when you have the time, it's easy to write a lot. hee hee. Here is a picture of charlie from his sono yesterday.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

35 week pregnant pic



I found a lady who makes these and I asked her to do one for me. I sent her my bedding and told her this was really the only focal point. The rest of my nursery is plain. The bedding and furniture are white..the walls are neutral, the window treatment is also neutral and we have a yellow glider. I think she did a really good job. I am very pleased. The plaque in the middle will be filled out with all his stats. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's so cool.

It's been a while..

since my last post. Today, I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow, school starts back. 4 weeks from today, baby Charlie will have (hopefully) made his way into this world! The doctor said we'd induce Labor Day weekend...oh the irony of this holiday!
I'm getting ahead of myself though... Since I last posted, I have had 3 baby showers. Dick's aunts hosted a shower for me July 17th weekend, the last weekend in July my friends gave me a shower and the first weekend in August, my coworkers gave me a shower. Needless to say, July has been a very fun, busy and productive month! I've managed to finish all my thank you letters and dreft everything in preparation for his arrival. When my sister came to town for the Jackson baby shower, she brought me a bassinett, swing and stroller. When I say Charlie is set, I mean it! Everyone has been so generous in helping us prepare for him. Pictures posted are from variety of showers passed to me. I was not good about remembering to take pictures..usually I am but that's ok. Thank goodness my family and friends (once again) pulled through for me!