Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 30th is the day!

Today, I had a sweet friend treat me to lunch and pay me a visit! I was so happy to have the company and catch up with her. While we were hanging out, I got an unexpected call from the doctor's office. It was my nurse and doctor calling to tell me the new plan. Tomorrow's weekly appt was cancelled. I'll have a sonogram Thursday to monitor the baby. I will go back next Monday and Thursday for 2 more sonograms. They watch him kick me to check for muscle development, they monitor his heart, measure him (head, feet, etc), get an approximate weight and we watch his little mouth move and practice breathing on his own. Then I'm off to triage for blood pressure and weight check. The following Monday, August 30th, I'll be induced!! At that point, I'll be 38 weeks 1 day. Sounds good to me!! Dick and i are excited! When I think of everything we have been through to arrive at this moment, the birth of our son, it gets me very emotional. Words cannot describe!!! Have a great week everyone!

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