Monday, July 13, 2009

This weekend

This weekend Dick and I are going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary on the coast.
I am excited to see old friends, hang out with Dick by the pool at the Hard Rock and just enjoy being with each other. I cannot believe it's almost been 2 years. I love you more everyday Dick!

Weight Watchers

Today was my first (sucessful mind you!) day of doing weight watchers again. I should use the phrase "again" lightly because I did the program while I lived in Washington, DC for about 2 weeks. I bought this entire packet of information that contains easy point system guide to use while grocery shopping and a dining out companion for eating out. I went to a meeting with my roommate and we were weighed in. You come back the next week and they mark your progress. I kept my "score card" and within that week, I had GAINED a 1.8 pounds. That was all it took to make me toss all the info in the closet. I suppose since it's followed me back to my home in Flowood, I ought to give it another try! Like I said, I made it through today and it was easy! I didn't even reach my point value. I asked Dick if he thought they were like roll over minutes. If I don't use them all up one day, does that mean I can tack them onto the next day. Makes sense right?
In addition to this, Dick and I have given up sweets, carbonated drinks and fried foods(I added beer to this, Dick did not). Hopefully between this and weight watchers, I will get into shape. Wish me luck!

Lizzie turns 2 (my dog)

As everyone knows, I love my dog! I find it essential not only to recognize her birthday but throw her a party as well. It's a great excuse to have the family over, grill out and make cupcakes (just throwing that last one out there! ha) Augusta went to Party City with us and helped me pick out party hats and favors. She was a great helper!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 4th weekend

I've really enjoyed my summer so far! This weekend we are heading back to the beach! I am so excited. Dick hasn't been to the beach yet. We are going to Orange Beach with 2 other couple friends. After I get back, my neice and nephew are coming for an extended weekend stay. Somewhere after and in between, I need to start getting ready for school. I have a lot of work to do. I promised myself I wasn't going to worry about work during the month of June. Today's July 1st so it's time to start planning!

I had lunch with all the 4th grade teachers today. It was good seeing everyone. Debbie & Lynda joined too. They used to teach 4th so they are always apart of the 4th grade team. I am very excited and nervous about teaching 6th. I know I'll enjoy the kids I just like to be well versed in what I'm teaching. I also want my room to be somewhat organized. Seeing as how I don't have a lick of 6th grade stuff, I've got my work cut out for me. Gah! I'm rambling--that's what I do when I'm stressed!!

Back to happy thoughts about the beach tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!