Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in Kentucky!

Clifford the Big Red Dog, Blind SEC Refs and a football player!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Vegas was such a fun filled trip! I took so many pictures so I've just posted a few of my favorites. =) enjoy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top Teaching Team of the Month

ha ha! Lynda and I were selected as Richland's 'Top Teaching Team' of the month. (pictures left to right: Lynda Naramore, our assistant princiapl Ms. Reed & me)

Work, work and more work are all that's been going on with me. Most days, I muster up enough energy to stay awake until 9 to watch my shows...but most of the time, I'm just too tired. I'd better break this wondeful habit this weekend because we are heading to LAS VEGAS Sat...woo woo!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Off to Oxford..then Starkville..then Oxford Again!

This weekend was a busy one! Friday night we headed to Oxford for Claire's rehearsal dinner. Saturday morning we drove to Starkville for the LSU Game. After the game, we drove back to Oxford just in time to shower for her wedding. The sun finally came out in town for her ceremony. Of course, I left my camera but I have a few pics from Friday night and Saturday @ the game.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Classroom

Before..and after

Home Projects

Last Tuesday, Dick and I were very productive...we painted our kitchen! Here are the before & after pics. Please excuse the messy kitchen table, we were still putting things back in order.

Chalon comes to Jackson

This weekend Chalon came to visit good ole J-town =) Friday, we had dinner @ Bone Fish. Saturday we shopped and managed to come home in time to watch the Rebels play. We had a blast. Thanks for coming to visit! We hope to come see you for Mardi Gras next!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Collins' Twins are here!!

Just yesterday, I was at my friend Ashley's house hanging out. Early this morning her water broke and at 6:05 Pate Alan was born and sister Massa Elizabeth came 2 minutes later. Pate weighs 5lbs 12oz and Massa 5lbs. Mom & babies are doing great!

Here are the sweet & LITTLE!!! enjoy!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Couch & Coffee Table for Sale

If you are anyone you know needs a couch & coffee table, please pass this on to them!

The couch is micro-suede and so comfy! I love my coffee table but unfortunately, I have 2 and I don't need 2 of them. So, I'm selling the combo for 150$. If you just need one or the other the couch is $125 and the coffee table is 25$

MSU Game

Saturday we ventured to Starkville. They played JSU and it rained. That was our day in a nutshell. Here are some pics. Check out the pic of the field..our season tix are awesome--17th row from the field. I enjoyed hanging out with Dick & his buds.

On a better note, HOTTY TODDY! Way to go REBS!! We kicked Memphis Tiger butt! (not until the 2nd half when we finally decided to step it up, but hey a win is a win!)

Lewis & Louis take Houston

Here are a couple of pics from my weekend in Houston. I kept forgetting to take it with us when we went out. Oh well! Had a blast Lewie- you were a great hostess!!! Miss ya already!

one more pic from baptism

Here is one of the best pictures from the baptism. dick is such a natural! i can't wait until the time comes for us to have a family! isn't that just precious.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This past weekend, I went to Houston to see my good friend Lindsay..aka Lewie! We had so much fun! I have a couple of pictures from our weekend which I'll post later.

This weekend starts football season and I'm so so so excited!!! Unfortunately, I will go to my first game in Starkville. But I'll cheer on the Rebs when they play Memphis...Beat those Tigers!!!
Looking forward to a 3day weekend.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jake's Baptism in Atl

Last weekend, Dick & I drove to Atlanta for Jake (my cousin's son) baptism. It was the first time we had met the little guy. He was just as laid back and sweet as his parents. We had a great time. Isn't he adorable? He is the happiest thing too!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

the biggest project of my summer

Little did I know that when I decided to paint, it would be a long and expensive project. Thank god I'm happy with the outcome. The baby blue and green are "before" classroom pictures. The after is the lime green. I really need to take pictures of my room since the project is finished but just in this "after" shot you can really see the difference! It was really a project because what I thought would take a couple of cans of paint and a couple of days turned into 4 cans of paint, 4 days 5 hours a day. At least I'm happy!

My walls are now lime green & yellow.

(butt) Cracks and (cigarette)Butts

While on our anniversary trip, I couldn't resist snapping a picture (or two) of this dad. He is swimming with his kids (normal) but if you will look closely, his crack is hanging out of his swim trunks. Everytime this big boy got out of the water (which was frequently) it would expose his behind! It was so nasty that we almost moved. Secondly, while swimming with his kids, he had a cigarette in his hand. Really? REALLY!! Do you have to have that cigarette while in the pool. We just watched him as he ashed in the pool. Really, this guy has no self respect or manners! I have a picture of him smoking & then exiting the pool.