Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ashley's Baby Shower

One of my best friends, Ashley is expecting twins in the boy and one girl! We had a shower for her Saturday before everything started with our reunion.

10 Year High School Reunion

This weekend we had our reunion. Friday night, we gathered at Julep. Saturday, everyone met at the school in the afternoon for a family ice cream social in the library followed by our class picture. Later that night, we had a party at the Yacht club. I forgot my camera Saturday night so no pictures from then-shoot! Hopefully someone will email some to me. It was great seeing everyone and there was a huge turnout!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Destin Trip 09'

We had a blast on our all girl family beach trip (& Jackson!) Here are a few pictures from our trip. The kids especially loved Baytowne & Big Kahuna's!!

MORE to come!!! I am in the midst of unpacking, cleaning house and getting ready for our 10 year reunion and one of my best friends baby showers. Big weekend. Lots of love and happy (early) Father's Day to all those amazing dad's out there (including MINE!!!)

Have a great weekend...

Friday, June 12, 2009

10 best quick snacks so you don't spoil ur diet!

1. Fruit!!! (fresh or dried) banana, pear, peach, plum,grapes,..whatev, dig in..full in nutrition!!
2. water :) throw a crystal light packet into a water bottle and voila...hunger is a distant memory
3. Kroger brand (or any) granola bar...full of carbs? yes! but good ones!!! I like the sweet and salty ones..they have nuts and dried fruit
4. hummus & red pepper strips --thanks mom for this one!!!
5. popsicle..I like otter pops b/c most of the time I'm not really hungry, just bored and it gives me something to do (is that sad? Does anyone else eat out of boredom)
6. lettuce sandwich..1 loaf of bread and loads of fresh lettuce, spicey mustard and wammo you have a crunchy low fat treat!
7. yogurt with granola....not just any..I've only found them at Walmart..they are yogurt with a serving of granola attached to it. Yogurt is good for you anyways, might as well make it part of your snack.
8. salsa and baked chips (in moderation bc of sodium intake but then again it should be in moderation only..hence "snack") as everyone knows, salsa is fat free and the baked chips are low-fat so enjoy.
9. almonds lots of energy & good for ya!
10. 100 calorie pack anything!! ya know those individually wrapped treats? they portion for you so you don't even have to worry about it.


10 best restaurants in Jackson

Not in any particular order!

1. Keifer's
The pita moz with feta (pita bread, melted mozeralla and yummy dipping feta sauce!), fries & pitchers of beer are the best! Not to mention the environment. They have lots of outdoor seating with plenty of shade for anytime of year!

2. Buffalo Wild Wings
This is Dick's favorite hangout. Even so, their food is really good. I don't eat meat on the bone so their boneless wings are perfect for me! They have a variety of beer (it does seem as though these choices are revolving around beer doesn't it?, games to play and TV's all around you constantly showing any sporting event from football to baseball to wrestling!

3. Corner Bakery
The best lunch or breakfast place by far! I loved this place in DC and finally they opened one near my house. For breakfast I once had the ultimate omelet...avocado, tomato, peppers, egg whites, cheddar cheese and salsa...yum yum!!! For lunch you can choose from a variety of sandwiches on their fresh bread or their delish soups and salads!!!

4. Cherokee
If this place ever comes to mind, go on Saturday! Their red beans and rice special with jalepeno cornbread is soo good!!! They have great burgers & fried pickles too.

5. Bonsai
I love sushi and hibachi. This restaurant is known for having the best of both worlds. They have a wide variety of special rolls and they never disappoint. We most often eat sushi there because come 6pm on any given day, the wait for hibachi is always a long one.

6. Amerigo's
If you're craving Italian, you must go here! I don't think I've ever had anything at this place I didn't like. You can never go wrong with the spaghetti and meatball dish.If you're really hungry start with their cheese balls. Fried goodness I tell ya!!! They have the best caesar salad I've ever tasted too!!

If you ever go here, don't do what I did and order the tuna steak when beef steak is their speciality! Dick will never let me live that one down! hahaha The sides are served family style so it's more than enough to share...the creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin are to die for!!!

8.Cock Of the Walk
On the rez sits a yummy fried plate...catfish, fries, hushpuppies...yummy!!! If you aren't a fish person, they even have chicken tenders. Don't ask if it can be grilled because the anwswer is no. It's def a guilty pleasure favorite!

9. El Charro
There aren't that many good mexican restaurants left in Jackson. This makes me sad because I do love mexican (who is proud of me for not writing Taco Bell was one of my fav restuarants :) ..but El Charro is the best! Reminds me of college for eating quickly and on a budget :)

10.Hickory Pit
BBQ is another one of those places that are hard to come by in Jackson (weird bc the south is known for great BBQ)..anyways..among the ones left open...this has the best pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad. Best of all, if you don't have time to dine in, just drive your car around the building, pull up to the window and place your order!!

Here's my list. Hope you enjoy. What are your favorite places to eat?

25 things about me

I got this on facebook but I couldn't figure out how to post notes so I just decided to do it on my blog. Here goes:

1. i love having blue eyes! *blue's my favorite color*
2. i am terrified of roaches
3. i could live off fruit, fish & chocolate :)
4. the animal shelter is very important to me, I've adopted 2 dogs & plan to adopt many more..cats too
5. i used to ride horses and now i'm kind of scared of them (probably has something to do with the fact i was thrown off so many times, just got enough i guess)
6. i miss playing was a big part of my childhood
7. im a great speller :)
8. reality TV is the bomb!
9. i talk to myself a lot (& to my dog)
10. i like to drive fast
11. one day (if I could find someone to train with me) I want to train for a 5k and then a half marathon
12. i must have 8hrs of least!
13. i would love to be a personal shopper/stylist or buyer...DREAM JOB
14. my ears are not pierced
15. if i don't/can't have kids of my own, i will adopt
16. i don't like/wear lipstick
17. i've met jon bon jovi
18. i play with my hair & pick at split drives my mom crazy!
19. i know all the words to all of britney's albums (hee hee)
20. i want a blueberry bush in my backyard
21. i want to learn how to be a good tennis player
22. i also want to learn how to play golf!
23. learning spanish would be fun (& useful!)
24. i wanted to be a veternarian when i was little
25. im teaching 6th grade math & science next year and I'm kind of nervous about it!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rebel Weekend

Aside from the fact that we loss :( I had a great weekend in Oxford seeing long lost friends. I'll leave you with a picture of my friends Melinda and Chalon. We discovered a new (new to us) bar on the square...Rooster's.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Patio Furniture

We are the proud owners of patio furniture!!! Thank you Dad for the birthday present and a big thanks to Dick because it does require some (lots) of assembly.

Ellie's Baptism

Last weekend was very eventful. First and foremost, Ellie was baptized. It was such a nice service and she was so well behaved.(That's our Ellie :) ) Also, the Rebs won!!!
Here are a few pictures of sweet Ellie...........