Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jake's Baptism in Atl

Last weekend, Dick & I drove to Atlanta for Jake (my cousin's son) baptism. It was the first time we had met the little guy. He was just as laid back and sweet as his parents. We had a great time. Isn't he adorable? He is the happiest thing too!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

the biggest project of my summer

Little did I know that when I decided to paint, it would be a long and expensive project. Thank god I'm happy with the outcome. The baby blue and green are "before" classroom pictures. The after is the lime green. I really need to take pictures of my room since the project is finished but just in this "after" shot you can really see the difference! It was really a project because what I thought would take a couple of cans of paint and a couple of days turned into 4 cans of paint, 4 days 5 hours a day. At least I'm happy!

My walls are now lime green & yellow.

(butt) Cracks and (cigarette)Butts

While on our anniversary trip, I couldn't resist snapping a picture (or two) of this dad. He is swimming with his kids (normal) but if you will look closely, his crack is hanging out of his swim trunks. Everytime this big boy got out of the water (which was frequently) it would expose his behind! It was so nasty that we almost moved. Secondly, while swimming with his kids, he had a cigarette in his hand. Really? REALLY!! Do you have to have that cigarette while in the pool. We just watched him as he ashed in the pool. Really, this guy has no self respect or manners! I have a picture of him smoking & then exiting the pool.

2nd year wedding anniversary

We spent our 2nd anniversary on the Gulf Coast. It's a special place to us because we have so many fond memories living there. Friday night, we went to Dick's favorite mexican restaurant in D'Iberville. He really loves those big beers! Saturday, we spent all afternoon @ the Hard Rock pool. It was so relaxing just reading by the pool and soaking in the rays. That night, we had dinner @ Ruth Chris. It was a wonderful weekend.

puppy sitting!

The same weekend Jackson & Augusta came to stay with me, I also kept Courtney's puppy Avery. She is precious. I had to share these pics with you all especially since Avery (in just a few short weeks) is bigger than Lizzie now!

Gulf Shores Trip

While on a couples 4th of July trip, I suppose taking pictures wasn't my top priority. So here's all i've got.. Enjoy!

Lots of catching up!

Whew. I have lots of catching up to do on my blog. First and foremost, here are pictures from Jackson & Augusta's visit to Jackson. We also celebrated Lizzie's 2nd birthday. Yes, I'm "that kind" of dog mom. What can I say? She's like my child! =)