Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our chair arrived..finally! We love it. It's a nice addition to the room...perfect size and very comfy!!

Orange Beach 2010

This year, I only planned one beach trip. My family and I went to Orange Beach for a few days for R&R. We had a great time. It's always busy with 3 kids in the mix but we enjoyed their company. We did not spend much time on the beach for obvious reasons but as you can see, at a glance, they still look really pretty. Unfortunately, double red flags, tar balls, and volunteers cleaning up the beaches in tractors made it a difference experience.

We stayed @ the Caribe. It was full of great pools and even a lazy river! Here are a few pics of from our trip.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trip to Oxford

Sunday, I went to Oxford to see my family. It was so great hanging out with everyone. Sunday, we went to Taylor Grocery. Monday, Jackson had a baseball game. We had so much fun cheering him on. Tuesday, my sister loaded me up with TONS of baby stuff. I was overjoyed and beyond thankful for all that she gave me. Everything in the nursery is coming together great. We managed to get the crib set up and the bedding. Of course, everything has to be washed but I had to see the final product. I have 4 crates of baby clothes to wash so I'll keep the baby bedding on as long as I can.
My sister came back to Jackson with me yesterday. We had so much fun unpacking and organizing last night. My mom came over as soon as she could to see the progress. Today, Amy and I had SO much luck gathering last minute items.. a lamp, bedding for full bed in nursery, baskets for organizing and selecting a changing table. I was once again fortunate for her taking time out of her full time mom schedule to help me. I would imagine it's hard to get away when your a mom of 3 and everyone depends on you. I felt really good when she left today about all of our accomplishments. So much so, that we both celebrated with a pedi before she had to leave.
Now I've got much to keep me busy. I like being busy if it means I'm closer to getting ready for this baby. Let the nesting begin! We leave for the beach Saturday so I've got plenty to do beforehand. I'll leave you with a picture of the crib.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just for you, Stacey!

:) 26 weeks pregnant

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun in the sun!

Even though summer just began, it's already off to a great start. I've done a whole-lotta-nothing! I have spent it lounging in my pj's, taking naps, doing laundry, sleeping late (until 7 but that beats 5:30am) and trying to keep up my daily regimen of walking on the tredmill. So far so good!
Dick had to go out of town for work yesterday. So today, I ventured out to the pool. Charlie is moving up a storm in my belly. It is so neat. I've attached a self portrait poolside.
I've enjoyed my laziness while it lasts. Next week, I'm going to Oxford for a few days. Jackson started playing baseball and I love sitting on a ball field so I've committed to two games next week. Following my trip to Oxford, I will head to the beach for several days. I'm really looking forward to that. Somewhere in between and after, I have an entire list of To-do's we need to tackle. I will pick up a crib from my sister's house along with clothes and whatever else she wants to give me. I'm very lucky to be getting so much from here. At the end of June, I'll have my first baby shower with my friends in Oxford. It will be so fun and I'm really looking forward to that.
I just reread this email and it was all over the place. That's pretty much how my brain works these days. I'll walk into a room and forget while I'm there. Oh well. Happy Summer Everyone!!