Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Push Present

I hate the title of this post...but is what it is!!

Dick told me that he heard through the grapevine that he's supposed to buy a gift once the baby is born. I did not argue. Chalon was in town one weekend and we casually bracelet shopped. I picked out a David Yurman bracelet and even though I had the jeweler write down the bracelet info on a card for dick, i truly never thought twice about it. I also forgot about it and never gave dick the card. Fast forward two weeks after Charlie was born and Dick walked in with a gift. To my surprise, he bought it! Aside from my wedding ring, I've never owned anything so nice. It's so special because it has Charlie's birthstone on it. He did good considering he had no help. Great job honey!

(ps-let it be known the picture was saved in my computer titled "bomb bracelet" -ha)

One Month Picture

We've made it a month and beyond! Yes, I said "we". Charlie wouldn't be growing and thriving if it weren't for his parents caring for him-ha! We are doing great. Charlie is such a great baby and he makes us feel like we are doing something right and its boosting our confidence as parents. Again, I give him all the credit. He is a good sleeper and eater. I couldn't ask for a happier baby.

Our dogs have been very curious about Charlie the first few days he was home. Now, they are indifferent about him. Although I did put Charlie in his bassinet so I could shower real quick one day last week. He started crying and I quickly tried to finish things up in the shower. While I was still in the shower, my smallest dog, Mosely, ran into the bathroom and started wimpering. Guess the baby's cry stressed him out. It was real sweet.

Fortunately, Dick's work has been going excellent. Once the middle of the month hit, Dick was already near 400 percent of his quota. It's definately allowed him to be more flexible and help me out more during the week this month. Not to mention the compensation he will get will come in handy with hospital bills!

Well my new favorite show, Modern Family, is on...gotta go! I'll leave you with Charlie's one month picture.. Too cute!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charles David Dickinson

Tuesday, August 31st at 4:00pm weighing 6lbs 10 ounces at 19 1/4 inches sweet Charlie made his entrance into this world! We are smitten with our beautiful blessing!! My life is forever changed and I couldn't be happier :)