Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Time 2011

I'm really enjoying all my time with Charlie. He is my biggest accomplishment and greatest reward of my life. I love him more and more everyday. I am so proud of Dick for the great husband he has always been and the best father he has become. I'm grateful for the hard work that he does so that I'm able to stay home and raise our child. These boys are my loves! I'm really finding that once you take time (once you get the time to) slow down and enjoy the little things in life..those are the ones you will make memories with and cherish. Just yesterday, we (finally!!) got some rain. I ran outside with Charlie and he giggled as the cold and wet raindrops fell on his head. It was the sweetest thing. I realized it was the first time he had ever felt the rain. I love watching him play with toys, flip them over, turn them upside down, pull on them, pick them up and drop them and just discover new things. Here are a few pics of him watching Daddy mow the grass for the first time. I thought the loud noise of the lawn mower, blower and weed eater would scare him, but he just giggled away. He banged on the window for Daddy's attention and was waving like crazy. Happy Friday all! ** pic to come later, there is an error everytime I try to download**

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