Friday, June 17, 2011


I am getting more ADHD as I age. Or maybe it's that and a combination of being a SAHM that makes me crave home projects. Charlie takes two naps a day for 2 hours & I suppose while he is on such a great schedule I feel the need to accomplish things I've been wanting to tackle while I can. Today I am repainting charlie's book shelf, choosing kitchen paint color & rearranging furniture. We painted out kitchen once and I am not onto the color anymore. I'm hosting another party tomorrow so in between all that im making my sausage cheese balls at some point. You'd think after a week of playing and swimming in Oxford, id be dead tired, but I just can't lay around. Sunday, we are having the dads over for a father's day dinner so I've committed myself to finishing the kitchen before that. Wish me luck!

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